Authenticity & Traceability

CCIC South America Authenticity & Traceability service is your best solution in enhancing the chance of Chinese consumers choosing your product and in expanding your competitiveness in the Chinese market.

Nowadays Chinese consumers have high regards with imported goods. With the increasingly large number of choices for foreign products – whether authentic or not – and the increasing ease of acquiring them, the consumers are also facing challenges in choosing authentic and quality imported South American products.

Authenticity & Traceability

Enhance Credibility - Geographical indication, quality certificates, product awards and recognitions. All your unique advantages will be much more credible and better understood in the Chinese market if verified by CCIC, the major third-party inspection & certification group in China.

Fight Counterfeit - If you expect success in the Chinese market, you shall expect counterfeiting. You would want to protect your brand sooner or later – preferably sooner.

Build Trust - CCIC is not only a third party certification group, but is also recognized and recommended by Chinese import/export regulatory agencies. These provide us strong trust-building capability for your brand with the Chinese market and relevant governmental authorities. A reliable authenticity & traceability system could be just the added value your product needs to successfully differentiate your brand from the many others during the consumer trust building process.

CCIC South America Authenticity & Traceability System provides a powerful solution for your trust-building needs in the Chinese market.